CoC update


    Clash of Clans (coc) has undoubtedly and unprecedentedly become one of the recent phenomenons and most popular mobile games in the whole mobile gaming world for just a few years. The company behind this ambitious w project which developed the game recently was sold to not other, but a Hong Kong company for $8.6 billion. It is an extraordinary and spectacular mobile gaming achievement. One of the predominant and main reasons of becoming more and more popular are the coc update that happens every 1 or 2 months. The developers are trying to release new coc update not randomly, but on a specific schedule in a desperate  and iconic reach to keep the people as interested and possible interested in the game.

    What we have learned from the developers of the game – Supercell is that they are trying to make 2 “big” coc updates and after that adjusting coc update. Most of the players have probably noticed that there are several maintenance breaks immediately after the coc update. This is done because of the fine adjustments of specifics minor elements of the game that might serve a bad joke for the players in the future. Normally before a major coc update the producers of Clash of Clans are announcing it in a social network post. They have pages to be followed in all the most populated networks and this is how the company extends their knowledge to the players.

    coc update
    coc update

    When is the next coc update?

    Before every coc update the company starts a interesting sneak peek series in their forums and on the social media. Every day around 15 o’clock they would post just one new thing that will be changed in Clash of Clans for the next update. All the different players around the world are expecting each and every new post from the developers to be the first ones to know what will be changed. Often there is hysteria when a new building or a new troop is introduced in the next coc update. This happens since the players are used to one army composition and every change will result is a dramatic change in the strategy. New base designs have to be built in order to stop the new troops from the coc update.

    What might be included in the next coc update?

    This is an area of total guessing and speculation. No body except the developers of the game knows what will be included in the next big coc update. In this section of the post we will have a look on three different categories in order to differentiate the different coc updates.

    The first one is tight connection with the army or the most commonly known the troops. There might be some new troop levels in the coc update that will bring balance to e certain types of attacks. For example recently new lava and new balloon level were released in order to make the air attacks back in business. Also there were new troops that were introduced in the last coc update – the Baby Dragon and the Miner. This totally changed the attack strategies on every level of the Clash of Clans. We can now observe mass Miner attacks and mass Babies attack. This happens very often in the Legend League and in Titan league.

    The next category of coc update are the defensive buildings. Again here we can notice either new levels of old defenses or entirely new structures that will help to protect your base. For example in the TH11 coc update in 2015 the Eagle Artillery was introduced to all the Clash of Clans players. This revolutionized the base design on the higher levels and took more than 6 months to get used to the new attacking strategies. Recently there were some other new levels of defensive building in the coc update. For example the Cannons got a new higher level in order to battle the unstoppable Valkyries. They are so fast and deadly that only the single target structures have a fighting change of success against this nightmare.


    The third and last category of coc update is the balancing changes to the game. This means that some hit-points or damage power might be adjusted. For example in one of the most recent coc updates the Wizard Towers got t huge boost in the health points. This meant that it would take a longer time to destroy these types of defensive buildings. Also the x-bows got a bit of a pumped up damage and thus making it more deadly not only for air but also for ground attacks. Other balancing changes that we have seen in the previous coc update are the time changes. For example the times to produce one unit might be cut down or extended. Depending on the balance that might be wanted to be achieved.

    coc update

    In conclusion I would like to say that the coc updates are one of the most expected events in the Clash of Clans gaming world. They hide interesting ideas and keep the interest very high. We would like to thank Supercell for their efforts in building such a great game and wish them to keep up the good work not only with coc but also with the other fantastic games that they have developed. Keep us happy and we will continue playing, keep us happy and we will always download the next amazing coc update!