Clash of Clans News

Clash of Clans News


If you are reading this article it means that you are interested in the latest Clash of Clan News. This is the right place to get informed about all the latest developments and changes that the game will have in the future. Before getting started I just want to mentions that we will divide the Clash of Clans news post into 3 different categories. The first one will be the latest updates, the second one will be general changes that the game will face and the third one will be news connected to Supercell.

So lets dive in the world of Clash of Clans News.

The first topic that we have mentioned is the Clash of Clans news related to the future upgrades. As many players know there is no end to the game. You basically cannot finish it. But there are many people that have managed to upgrade everything that is possible and play only in the wars or are pushing trophies.

The players with trophies above 5000 are so few that if you are there you will have to wait for hours to attack somebody. This means that you will be staring at the clouds and just refreshing the search until the game offers you somebody to attack. In the latest Clash of Clans News the developers of the game have mentioned that they are working on a fix to this issue.

Still many of those players just decide to quit the game since it is no more fun. Just waiting for opponents is hardly what they are looking for in a game. So one action that Supercell has managed to think of is to produce new levels for the troops and the defenses. So the high end players can be brought back in the game and start upgrading. This is a good Clash of Clans news, because after every update of this kind many players decide to go back down in trophies and start farming for resources again. After every update that the game has there are some disturbances in the economy of the game, since everybody has quit pushing for trophies and some strong players are back down in the leagues looking for decent loot.

On another topic of the Clash of Clans News we cannot pass the fact that Supercell is trying to keep us constantly busy by changing some of the core designs of how the game works. Recently with the TH 11 update the game was totally remastered to the original idea.

This brings us to the second general topic of the Clash of Clans News that we discussed in the beginning.

The general general changes that the game had in the previous year are many. We will start with the most painful one. The Town Hall 11 update. When the clash of clans news came out that there will be Town Hall 11, everybody was mad happy about all the new stuff that they will get. Especially with the major new defense – the eagle artillery. At this point every player started calculating how fun it will be. But this was only a part of the clash of clans news that Supercell had prepared for the players.

There were some general changes that the game will be experiencing after the update. The town hall will be a storage now and will hold 1/5 of all the resources. Destroying only the TH will give you victory, but not grand shield. And these were some of the few major changes mentioned in the clash of clans news. There were new types of shield – the village guard, and personal breaks. Everything was really confusing and many players just gave up.

After this major update a new clash of clans news came out in June 2016 – the time that it takes to make units and spells was significantly cut. This news came out of nowhere. We were all very happy at the beginning since we will no longer wait for 45 minutes for a Golem. The time was down to 15 minutes. Amazing, right? Not so fast…

Behind this major clash of clans news was hidden something very important. Less building time meant more attacks, more attacks meant more cut shield and bigger pool of inactive players to attack. This was the whole purpose of the update. Maybe the developers have noticed that the new shield system was not working according to plan and had to figure something out quickly in order to keep everybody happy. Actually they came out with ingenious decision with the times and this still is one of the best clash of clans news in a while.

This is the time that we see the bigger picture and the third category from the clash of clans news that we have pointed your attention at the beginning of this article.

In order to see what is happening to the game you will have to know about the company that owns it. In this case it is Supercell. A great Finnish brand that is really innovative in the mobile gaming sector and especially the freemium games.

Recent Clash of clans news stated that the company was bought by a Hong Kong Giant in the gaming industry. The rumored amount is $8.6 billion and the deal is in the finishing line.

What you have to know is that this clash of clans news has to tell you something more about the future of the game. Firstly there will me more players that will joing the community. How, you may ask? Well TANCENT, the company that bought Supercell has access to 300 million player worldwide and the new investment has to have some return.

This leads us to a new clash of clans news that we reach by ourselves. In the future we might experience some interesting development about the game. Probably they will make clash of clans paid or at least with a monthly fee. We reached to this conclusion by the fact that those money spent on the Finnish game maker have to be returned at some point and generate good profit from it.