Clash of clans free gems


    Many of the clash of clans players believe that it is possible to get free gems and substantially quicken their development in the game. We thing that more than 90% of everybody who has played the game has tried in some way to find a tool or a hack in order to cheat the game.

    Out team stands on the side of not cheating gamers and suggest not to look for clash of clans free gems. In thins article we will tell you how to get free gems for clash of clans without cheating or modding the game. It is very important to know that Supercell is one of the largest mobile gaming company and they have taken a lot of time to develop this amazing game. Players should not cheat their way through the game if they want to advance quickly. If you have decided to use gems, then the only way to get them is through the in-app purchase.

    There are two main ways to get some clash of clans free gems. Both of them are completely safe and would not result of any restriction of your gaming account. We would suggest to use them and not to download any third party software that might harm your device or result in some kind of gaming restriction.

    The first way to get clash of clans free gems is known to every player on the planet. You can earn free gems through removing obstacles from your village area. There are many types of trees, bushes, logs and mushrooms. Some of the obstacles appear only on special days like Christmas, Birthday of Clash of Clans and so on. The players can get up to 6 free gems from removing one of the above mentioned obstacles. If you can draw an average amount of free gems you will be able to earn about 2.1 gems per obstacle removed. This is calculated on the basis of long term averages and you can check it yourself.

    Also if we dig deeper into calculation we would reach the conclusion that one can make up to 40 free gems per week. From supercel forum we learned that 1 obstacle appears every 8 hours. This very much depends on the way your base is designed. The more free space you have the better the chances are of getting free gems. There is another thing called the gem box. You will get 25 gems for removing it, but it appears only once per 1-2 weeks. If you see it in your base that means some “clash of clans free gems”!

    Another way to earn some free gems for clash of clans is to get the so called gift cards. If you are using Android or iOS then you can exchange those free cards for free gems. It is easy as that. Get your voucher code and log in into the App store or the Google Play store. Go to the section with the gift cards and enter the code. Your account will be loaded with the corresponding amount. Then you can log in Clash of Clans and exchange those money for free gems.

    There are many third party application like FreeMyApps that give you certain amount of points every time you download an application through their software. Then these points can be exchanged for money and money can be exchanged for “free gems”. This is also one of the most popular ways to get yourself some clash of clans free gems.

    I would like to mention once more – we encourage fair play and do not advice players to install any harmful software to their devices. Also do not give your password to anybody that will promise clash of clans free gems. Keep it to yourself and enjoy the game. There is something for every level of town hall and you should enjoy it at maximum.

    Getting free gems for clash of clans should be done only by the legal ways that Supercell approves or to be bought in the shop of the game.

    Have fun, and Clash on!